Ring Around The Moon

by Jan James

Blue Palace Records
Blue Palace Records
A soulful, melodic, mesmerizing voice that will lift you to a higher place of hope and understanding. Passionate, strong and honest is what you find in this combination of all the best music: pop, rock, soul, county and blues blended to perfection.
Jan James creates contemporary blues and soul music that is classic and ageless while at the same time expressing an intelligence and energy that is modern in its outlook and energy. The music press has called her “nothing short of extraordinary,” and the New York Times has labeled her “a gem of an artist – a classic find.” Others have said that her voice evoked Tina Turner and Koko Taylor, and have written that her show “pulls out all the stops” and is “thoughtfully conceived and deftly executed." In Europe and America she has reigned as a high-calibre artist of impressive power and skill. Her latest album, RING AROUND THE MOON, connects deeply to anyone with a beating heart. It speaks to personal desires, universal longings and the hope for a better future for us all.
Jan’s band, lead with impressive skill and integrity by guitarist Craig Calvert, gives astounding life and energy to each arrangement. And the lyrics share messages made universal by their themes and the skill with which they are crafted. Jan says, “The song You Oughta Know is for people taken advantage of by a love that takes them to places they don’t want to go – but can’t resist.” This All Will Get Better is “a love story to life and to the adventure of having endless possibilities and choices.” Part of what makes RING AROUND THE MOON so exciting that it is one artist’s reaction to the pain experienced by people whose lives are disrupted by social unrest. “The World Will Wait” and “Grains of Sand” were both inspired by the political demonstrations in Iran,” says Jan. “I was moved by the struggle in the streets. I saw women standing up for their rights, and for this, losing their lives or being pushed aside. In these songs, I wanted to say that ‘we are watching, and we are with you.’ I am hopeful that change will come for these women and people everywhere who live under oppression.” In the same spirit, the song We Are One has a chorus that takes hold and doesn’t let go, as if enticing the entire world to sing along. It’s planned that the video will reflect this. Says Jan, “My hope is to include as many languages and cultures in the video production as possible. I would like to put together a live feed from one of the schools from the One Love Africa program to sing the chorus.” The title song Ring Around The Moon, was written several years ago as a children’s song. “I have always found this song so comforting to sing,” says Jan. The track has a sweet simplicity, beautiful guitar lines, and stunning backup vocals by session superstars Cheryl Wilson and Joyce Faison.